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Shadowrun Returns!

Seattle’s best! The Kickstarter phenomenon of 2012 has been very expensive for me.  I have already supported several projects, but when they announced a proper return to the Shadowrun universe, I could not resist.  I was fascinated by Shadowrun’s bold … Continue reading

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Daytona USA…XBLA

From the arcade, to the Saturn, to the Dreamcast…to the Xbox 360! First Place BEGINNER – Win a BEGINNER Course in ARCADE Mode (any difficulty level is ok)                                                                                     Gamerscore = 10 Unlocked on 28/03/2012 When Daytona USA went on sale … Continue reading

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Jet Set Radio Grinding to XBLA!

Not the ‘Future’…but this Retro is Set to Jet! The Sega Dreamcast produced many a beloved franchises in its short lifespan, but one of the most popular and influential franchises to be birthed from this time was Jet Set Radio … Continue reading

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Memories of 9/11

When games didn’t matter… Ten years ago today the world unequivocally changed forever.  I remember getting up in the morning and watching the events unfold.  I was on vacation at the time so It was just me and the TV … Continue reading

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Dreamcast Collection: Space Channel 5 Part 2

chu, chu, CHU! Hello World – Hello viewers, this is Ulala coming to you live for Space Channel5!   Gamerscore = 5   Unlocked on 02/09/2011 Several months ago I posted about my brief desire to own the Dreamcast Collection for the … Continue reading

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My Retro Gaming Station

Back to BASICs. I would best describe myself as a casual collector of retro gaming consoles and such.  Not so much going out of my way to acquire items, but rather to hang on to what I have had since … Continue reading

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Xtra Points: May, Prey, Makin’ Hay

Games, where for art thou? That really is a lovely picture.  If you haven’t seen this yet it is a concept for the city in the recently announced Prey 2.  A game in which I am particularly excited to play … Continue reading

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Phantasy Star Portable 2

Prelude to PSO2? Recently I acquired a Sony PlayStation Portable (or PSP) from my brother who was looking to ‘upgrade’ to a PSPgo.  Funny thing is on the day I purchased it the PlayStation Network went down, and with that … Continue reading

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Expanding my Retro Game Empire

Haggar for Mayor! As I have mentioned before, I am a sucker for sales.  I am also a retro-gamer.  I enjoy picking up or playing old-school games, be it for nostalgia, or just to see how things have changed since … Continue reading

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Phantasy Star Online 2

This may be my first ‘real’ PC game… Over the years of blogging I have on occasion professed my love for Phantasy Star Online.  First on the Dreamcast, then later on the Xbox, I put many a mile on my … Continue reading

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