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More Fallout 3…

So I haven’t blogged much lately, but when you have a 10 hour Fallout 3 day what can you expect.  I mentioned in my last post that I lost all my Nuka Cola Quantums to a glitch or some NPC … Continue reading

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Blog-a-rama rama!

If you haven’t noticed, blogging here has been few and far between lately.  That is mostly as a result of my time being eaten by everthing around me.  I am going to try blogging a bit more often, even if … Continue reading

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Mission Accomplished: X-Men Origins – Wolverine

The Dead PoolDefeated Weapon 11 (Deadpool) Gamerscore = 50    Acquired 9/5/2009 The surprise game of the year thus far reached its climax for me last week when I took down Deadpool to earn the above achievement and complete this … Continue reading

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Wolverine Killed Richard B. Riddick

  What an inflammatory title, but around my house there is a ring of truth to it.  I have been a vocal Chronicles of Riddick supporter since it was released 5 years ago on the original Xbox.  Ever since the … Continue reading

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