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XBOX 360: Latest Hardware News

The good folks at Have posted on thir site what information the retailers are able to access on their site. Click on this LINK to read all the juicy detail.  I have also aquired a picture of what the retail kiosk … Continue reading

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Project Gotham Racing 3

Fans of the Project Gotham series of games are probably wondering more about the finer details of PGR3. Now I do no have all the info, but here is the lasest from Bizzare Creations themselves.  By reading this article you … Continue reading

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E3 Aftermath

Well it has been a whirlwind week for gaming news.  I have viewed by share and then some of game trailers, screenshots, write-ups, television shows, etc.  There was a couple of constants at this years show:  rampant fanboyism and mixed reviews on the … Continue reading

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XBOX 360: At the Show, Good to Go!

Well one thing I will say about the PS3 showing at E3, it got a lot of XBOX 360 followers a little edgy.  The good folks at Sony did there job by putting together some amazing ‘tech demos’ especially for GT5 … Continue reading

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XBOX 360: T.V. is R.I.P.

One if the most interesting features that I have read about on the XBOX 360 is that you will be able to view other peoples in game experiences live over LIVE.  You can watch tournements or if you do not … Continue reading

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XBOX 360: The Day After MTV

Well I am sure that we can have an overall concensus that last night’s MTV unveiling of the XBOX 360 was less than spectacular from a gamers standpoint.  I like as much as the next guy but they could of … Continue reading

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On the Cusp of Greatness: XBOX 360

As I am writing this blog entry It is less than two hours till MTV and Microsoft reveal the first Next-Next Generation console to the world, The XBOX 360! (yes, that will be the its name)  As it comes closer … Continue reading

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X-Press #3: What’s in a Game

A few things have caught my eye this week and I thought I would share them with you: We are just a couple of days shy of the floodgates being blown wide open on the 360.  Anticipation runs wild! XBOX365 … Continue reading

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X-Press #2: The XBOX Top Ten!

With the release of Forza Motorsport and the impending release of the XBOX 360 I can see that the green ‘X’ monster’s time is nearly at hand.  But what a ride!  The XBOX has produced the most entertaiment value of … Continue reading

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Forza Impressions

Well I have finally had the oppotunity to plunk a few hours into Forza Motorsport and as we guessed, Forza lives up to the hype!  It is the premminent console racer and it has something for everyone!  Though I have … Continue reading

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