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Game Room Revival on my Windows Phone 7

Enjoying my arcade classics on the go! Unidentified Flying Object – Shot down 10 UFOs in ranked mode Gamerscore = 30     Unlocked on 2/11/2012 I am probably one of the last supporters or blogger that still blogs about Microsoft’s failed … Continue reading

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Achievement Spotlight: Angry Birds

Achieving on the go! Split it! – Blue bird unlocked Gamerscore = 5     Unlocked on 05/02/2012 If you are even a casual follower of gaming and its media, heck even if you are a follower of popular culture, you are … Continue reading

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Welcome: Windows Phone 7

My latest, Microsoft driven, toy! While on a recent business trip the fact that I did not yet have a smart phone really hit home.  I could have used the internet, GPS, and other features on several occasions.  I was … Continue reading

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