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SUPERGHOST’s Games of 2011: The ‘Ghosties’: Part I

2011…There was no slowing down for Xbox 360 software! It is the last day of 2011, so what better time to look back on the year that was and select the games that SUPERGHOST appreciated the most.  Today I will … Continue reading

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Mission Accomplished: Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary

Halo. Its Finished.  No, I think we’re just getting started. Birth of a Spartan – Complete every level of the game on Normal difficulty Gamerscore = 10     Unlocked on 30/12/2011 Today I was able to knock off another one of … Continue reading

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The Skyrim Weekly: A Night to Remember

Take a walk on the dark side… Daedric Influence – Acquire a Daedric Artefact Gamerscore = 10     Unlocked on 04/12/2011 I have had a pretty lengthy absence from Skyrim.  It has been over three weeks since the disc has been … Continue reading

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Mission Accomplished: Mass Effect 2 – The Arrival

Prelude to Mass Effect 3. The Ultimate Sacrifice – Complete the Arrival DLC pack Gamerscore = 50     Unlocked on 27/12/2011 With my Christmas holiday in full effect I am taking the time to play and complete games that I have … Continue reading

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Big Game Hunter: The Elder Scrolls III – Morrowind

Bethesda’s open worlds come to the consoles… Hot on the heals of Skyrim I started to get a case of completionist fever.  I had a case of that earlier this year when I went out of my way to complete … Continue reading

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SUPERGHOST Says: Merry Christmas!

December 25, 2011 is here! Another Christmas is here!  And with Christmas comes my annual tradition of posting my two favourite Xbox-centric holiday pictures.  Above is a classic Kasumi in her Santa gear from Dead or Alive: Ultimate.  In the … Continue reading

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Halo Highlight Reel: Happy Halo-days!

Reach-out to your friends! Bungie ❤  I’ll Be Taking That!  – Pilot a Banshee on the level “Assault on the Control Room.”                                                                                                                Gamerscore = 25     Unlocked on 13/12/2011 Is there any other time better in the year to enjoy Halo … Continue reading

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The Homefront Prophecies

It has begun… Home is where the war is… Chronicler – Find the first of 61 news pickups Gamerscore = 10     Unlocked on 15/03/2011 One of the reasons I was so attracted to Homefront when it was announced was its … Continue reading

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Rapala for Kinect™

Royal Fishy Society… World Class Angler – Registered in an Online Leaderboard Gamerscore = 10    Unlocked on 16/12/2011 Earlier this year I posted a blog about Sega Bass Fishing on my Dreamcast.  I have always enjoyed Sega’s fishing efforts, especially … Continue reading

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Game Room Retro Challenge: Warlords

Warlords…come out and play-e-ay! I had not paid this game any attention in a long, long time.  In fact until a few weeks back I could not remember anything about the game except back to perhaps seeing an original arcade … Continue reading

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