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Dead or Alive: The Movie

I know that I have been on a real Dead or Alive kick as of late, and you may be tiring of that subject, this is a little different.  The film version of Dead or Alive recently went to production.  … Continue reading

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Dead or Alive: Dream On…

As of late, my interest in the Dead or Alive series of games has reached a fevered pitch.  Yea, I have played the series off and on since its inception, but I have not played a game in the series … Continue reading

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X-Press #5: The Green Album

Once again it is time to X-Press myself on the goings on in the land of XBOX.  We are in the early days of summer and one can see the game makers almost going into a heat-induced hibernation as the … Continue reading

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Get Well Soon TormentX !!!

Famous gamer and blogger TormentX is at this very moment recovering from what is the last in a series of operations that will see up and out the door working like the rest of us in no time!  You see, … Continue reading

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Xbox 360: The Forums!

The XBOX 360 is a short (or long) five months away.  If you are like me you are waiting and watching for any scrap of info on 360 and its games, but that can get a little boring if there … Continue reading

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Seperated at Birth

 Can you tell them apart? -SG (Edit: Proably my worst post of all time -SG 5-2-2011)

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X-Press #4: SG’s Xcellent Adventure

Once again it is time to grace one and all with some of my thoughts and impressions from the last few weeks in XBOX gaming.  Don’t read to much into the above title, i just could not think of anything … Continue reading

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Dead or Alive 3: Don’t Forget About Me!

For the better part of the last year my crew and myself have been all about playing Dead or Alive: Ultimate in the fighting game genre.  Why?  A no brainer really, DOAU offers far and away the best online fighting experience … Continue reading

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All is Quiet

Now that I have finished my mid-term I can now refocus on my gaming.  What I have discovered is that after the better part of a week gaming layoff, the rust gets pretty thick.  I have been playing a lot … Continue reading

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Dead or Alive 4: Quote of the Week

Team Ninjatop man Tomonobu Itagaki has got to be the best interview in the gaming industry.  He never fails to grab you with his bold words and always has something surprising and important to say.  While reading this most current … Continue reading

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