Xbox 360: The Forums!

The XBOX 360 is a short (or long) five months away.  If you are like me you are waiting and watching for any scrap of info on 360 and its games, but that can get a little boring if there is nothing there.  What I have been doing to get my 360 fix these days is checking out the various discussion forums for the games and hardware of the 360.  So to make things easy for you, I am going to make a list and links of some of my favorite haunts:

  • Perfect Dark Zero: Newest kid on the block, check out this forum for the latest in PD0 discussion.  My only beef here is that this forum look could use a little tweaking.  “.Net” passport compatable (hmmm…)
  • Project Gotham 3: One of my favorite forums!  Large community in place from previous Gotham games.  Good looks and functionality!
  • The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion: The oft underlooked RPG series that will rock on the 360!  Read the massive body of discussion here.
  • Forums: One stop forum shop.  The official Xbox website has forums for 360 hardware plus several games. “.Net” passport required.  Dig in.
  • Ghost Recon 3: Ubi’s first game (with many to folow) on the 360.  Read all the chatter for the next great Ghost Recon game

There, that will keep you busy for awhile.  If you have any other cool or interesting 360 forums that you visit, drop me a message in my comments.  Good Hunting!



I like CFL Football, Video Games, and Social here I am!
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2 Responses to Xbox 360: The Forums!

  1. Luke says:

    SG – keep an eye out for a new title called ‘Gun’ its due out for the Xbox, PS2 and Xbox 360 – I’ll be attending the official press presentation next Friday, so if you would like any pictures, assets etc let me know :)

  2. Patrick says:

    Sounds good DCE76, I can’t get into your Blog at the moment, but anything you can send me I would appriciate. Just add me to your messanger so I can get that info from you. I saw some of the ‘coverage’ @ E3 for GUN, more info would be good!

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