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360 X-Press #18: The Snap-shot Edition

Xbox Live Vision It’s good to see you!  Well, at least it will be as it looks like the 360 digital camera that we have been promised for so long now has a date.  Accordind to Major Nelson’s blog cast which … Continue reading

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Forza 2: Q & A

Forza Motorsport 2 Want to know more about Forza 2?  Here is a great interview from Q: I hear Forza Motorsport 2 is 60 frames per second this time. Is this true?A: Yes. The game will play and control … Continue reading

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Major Xbox 360 Update Available “Next Week”

Xbox Live Marketplace A major upgrade is on its way to your dashboard delivering what the users have been asking for.  To read a complete breakdown of what will be happening, click on this link to -SG  

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Table Tennis: One of Kazakhstan’s Favorite Pastimes, Is Now One of Mine

Борат Сагдиев Borat Sagdiyev is the sixth most famous person in Kazakhstan and he is also a huge fan of Table Tennis.  He comes by it honestly though as Table Tennis is one of the country’s favorite pastimes, right up there with … Continue reading

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Achievment of the Week: Featuring UNO

UNO!Successfully call UNO! and win the game Gamerscore=10 Between the post E3 crash and vacationing I have not been a stedy blogger.  Now I have returned with new vigor and with the word "UNO!" as my mantra.  UNO appeared on XBOX Live … Continue reading

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PGR3’s Cadillac Style

PGR3’s newest additions Source: TeamXBOX Microsoft and Bizarre Creations today announced the availability of the “PGR 3” Cadillac V-Series Collection, now available on Xbox Live Marketplace. Gamers can add all three Cadillac V-Series vehicles to their virtual garage and race … Continue reading

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Sega Rally Revo

It’s not much, but here are two Sega Raly Revo screens:   -SG

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360 X-Press #17: The Post E3 Edition

Accept no substitutes.   Between being sick and the absolute overload of info (thank you Xbox Live) from E3 I have finnaly found the stendth to return to the blogging biz.  E3 was a crazy week with a lot to … Continue reading

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E3: Rainbow Six – Vegas

Rainbow Six: Vegas TeamXBOX has posted up a ten-minute gameplay video for Rainbow Six: Vegas and it looks incredable!  When this game was first anounced several weeks ago I was instantly excited for the opportunity to play a next-gen Rainbow game. … Continue reading

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E3: Gears of War Multiplayer Impressions

Source:   Gears of War is overwhelming. It’s also deceptively simple to control. Our boot camp kicked off deep inside the Microsoft booth, where we were tossed in a 4 vs. 4 team deathmatch battle that was both humbling … Continue reading

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