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X-Press #1: XBOX Observations

As May approaches I thought I would make some observations from the world of XBOX: Who is not totally jacked for the new XBOX?  Counting down to May 12th reveal! I know the name 360 has already grown on you. New … Continue reading

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XBOX Retro: SEGA Ages

We all know that XBOX was gonna be a kick ass system back in the day, but when I was deciding whether to purchase the console, what really pushed me towards it was SEGA triple threat of offerings:  Jet Set … Continue reading

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XBOX 360: As the World is Turning

Gamers everywhere better fasten their seatbelts because if they don’t, they will soon be plowed over by the 800 lbs. gorilla that is the XBOX 360 !!! (title yet to be made offical, yet do not expect it to be … Continue reading

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Tips & Tricks: Not a Breakfast Cereal

Over the years a lot of video games have come and gone through my household.  I will buy them for a while but sooner or later I will discontinue purchasing them because of money, or they go through a ‘revamp’ (aka … Continue reading

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The Unrealy Real World Part Deux

I can see by the clock on the wall that it is nearly hammer time, and by that I mean Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict is about to hit the stores.  I am personaly a totally converted fan by this most … Continue reading

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More Ghost Recon 2 = Happy

As I read through my daily video game news I was very excited to see that an expansion pack is being produced for Ghost Recon 2.  Here is a LINK to that story as presented by TeamXBOX. Ghost Recon 2 … Continue reading

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Where Have all the Light Guns Gone?

When is the last time you played a light gun game?  If you are like me and my crew and are hardcore into the XBOX, probably not for some time.  With few opportunities in this generation of hardware (software and … Continue reading

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Ford Racing 3: “Respect me!”

Hello!  I am Ford Racing 3.  You may have heard of me or maybe my two older brothers.  But dont let those other two guys sully my reputation though.  They were not as sophisticated as me.  They usually only came over … Continue reading

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Splinter Cell and Ghost Recon Advanced Tactical Centers

If you enjoy your Splinter Cell and Ghost Recon like I do, you may want to DL these Advanced Tactical Centers from Ubisoft.  If you want to plot Stratagy with your mates or just want a birds eye view of … Continue reading

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Welcome to my Haunted House!

So you have a Blog, now what do you do?  I decided that this space will be dedicated to all things XBOX.  News, links, pics, whetever I can cram in here I will.  I enjoy talking, playing, and reading about … Continue reading

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