Achievement Spotlight: 100,000 Gamerscore!!!

The Return…

100KGSLore Master Activate all terminals. Unlocked October 14,2015 = 30

Over three years since my last blog post. Life got (and still is) busy. Once I had time to blog on a near daily basis, and to have something to write about I was actually playing a fair amount of games. These last three years has seen my hobby of gaming, and its corresponding blog, disappear almost entirely.  I have found some balance in recent times and can now till eek out some fun from my former hobby, and as such I creped and crawled to the Gamerscore milestone of milestones, 100,000!

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Jet Set Radio: A Blast From the Past

A simpler time…


Feel the beat

Feel the beat – Start game for the first time

Gamerscore = 5     Unlocked on 19/09/2012

Another lengthy absence from my blog, it took something special to get me back, and that event was the release of Jet Set Radio!  I remember when I purchased this game for the first time.  It of course was a Sega Dreamcast classic title, I was getting married in Las Vegas in November of 2000.  I picked it up at an EB Games in a mall (wish I would have picked up those Samba De Amigo maracas as well) and packed it away for my inevitable return home.

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Achievement Milestone: 4,000th Achievement!

Nearly seven years of ‘cheevos!


Walk it Off

Walk it Off – Complete the level “Pillar of Autumn” on Legendary without picking up a health kit                                                                                    Gamerscore = 25     Unlocked on 11/08/2012

In my blogging history I have always liked to mark milestones, be they point totals, or as in this case achievement totals.  Over the nearly seven years of Xbox 360 gaming, ad in recent years on the PC and on my phone, there has been no shortage of places or games to add to my totals.  As I knew I was approaching this milestone I enjoy dinging through on a game or franchise that is significant, and what could be more significant than the anniversary game of the franchise that really made this all possible, Halo: Combat Evolved.

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Halo Highlight Reel: Forward Unto Halo 4 Edition

Halo Rewind.



Beachhead – Storm the beach of “The Silent Cartographer” with no marine casualties on Heroic or Legendary                                                                Gamerscore = 10     Unlocked on 29/07/2012

It is mid-summer and as Fall approaches we are once again anticipating the release of another new Halo game.  Unlike before though this is the first major game in the Master Chief story, or numbered sequels, that will not be created by Bungie.  This game will have Microsoft’s 343 Industries at the helm, and from what we saw at this year’s E3, Halo is in good hands and looks to take the franchise is new and exciting directions.  Not the least of which is the new web series which will be released in chapters leading up to the game’s release, Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn.

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Mission Accomplished: Spec Ops – The Line

The horror…the horror…


We Were Soldiers

We Were Soldiers – Complete game on “Combat Op” difficulty

Gamerscore = 20    Unlocked on 15/07/2012

Once again a busy month leads to little blogging. The good news is that I actually got to play a little bit of video games.  The most significant of which was my completion of Spec Ops: The Line.  Spec Ops delivered exactly what I was looking for of late, a fun and engaging story intermixed with some solid gameplay.  As I wrote about in my previous Spec Ops blog entry, this game aped somewhat the story of Apocalypse Now, or at least that is what I was led to believe.  While Spec Ops takes that Heart of Darkness premise, it certainly follows its own path, creating its own road to the heart of darkness.  And that road is certainly dark…darker than even I expected, but still enjoyable in the story-telling sense.

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Left 4 Dead 2 New DLC: Cold Stream

More from Valve’s Zombie Apocalypse!



ROBBED ZOMBIE – Collect 10 vials of Boomer vomit from infected CEDA agents you have killed                                                                                Gamerscore = 15     Unlocked on 30/10/2010

Though it has been some time since I have played Left 4 Dead 2 I still often think of it as a game that needs play.  I have most recently spent time with the original Left 4 Dead, but when Cold Stream arrives on July 24th it will also bring with it the remaining ports of original Left 4 Dead campaigns Blood Harvest, Crash Course, Dead Air, and Death Toll!  Left 4 Dead 2 will be your final destination for Zombie destruction…leave the bath salts at home!

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Spec Ops: The Line

Heart of Darkness…



They Live – What’s lost is found

Gamerscore = 10     Unlocked on 28/06/2012

My dramatic return to blogging (after nearly a month) has my on-again, off-again relationship with Spec Ops: The Line on again.  Looking to break out of my gaming funk I cancelled my Lollipop Chainsaw and Steel Battalion pre-orders in favour of a story.  From the first time I saw what developer Yager had in store for us with Spec Ops: The Line a couple of years back I was really excited for this game.  A modern day retelling of The Heart of Darkness / Apocalypse Now set in Dubai swallowed up by an epic sandstorm.  A trio of American soldiers venture into this heart of darkness to look for survivors and to discover what exactly happened with the botched evacuation of the city.

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Bejeweled 3

A ‘gem’ of a game!


Game in Hand

Game in Hand – Unlock all 8 game modes

Gamerscore = 25     Unlocked on 31/05/2012

Since it was released I wanted to purchase Bejeweled 3.  I have been a closet Bejeweled fan since I purchased ‘2’ during the early days of Xbox LIVE Arcade.  I even purchased Bejeweled Blitz when it was on sale several months ago to foster my Bejeweled appreciation.  The thing was for me that I did not want to pay full price for this game, so I waited patiently, but not overly long, for the price of this game to be cut in half.  At that point it was an easy sell.  What is more important though is that ‘3’ is like 8 games in one!

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You are DOOM3D!

Doom 3: BFG Edition due this Fall!


This was some recent and unexpected news that caught me a little off guard.  Bethesda and ID Software are re-releasing Doom 3 complete on the Xbox 360 (and PS3 for those who are so inclined), the package will include all new levels as well.  Doom has always been an interesting franchise for me.  I have always enjoyed my time playing all it various incarnations across a myriad of consoles and computers, but I have never really given into the series completely.

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Shadowrun Returns!

Seattle’s best!


The Kickstarter phenomenon of 2012 has been very expensive for me.  I have already supported several projects, but when they announced a proper return to the Shadowrun universe, I could not resist.  I was fascinated by Shadowrun’s bold mixture of cyberpunk and mysticism, that and through in some guns with a Native American veneer and you have one of the most interesting table-top meets gaming properties going.  After a long road and several different incarnations it appears Shadowrun is returning to its gaming roots via the PC.  While I am not the biggest PC gamer, I am willing to see what this version will bring.  I have to as I have committed $140 to this Kickstarter!

What follow the rest of this post is my brief history of Shadowrun games, and while it is not the most colorful history, it may shed some light on my reasoning for going all in on this project.

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