Bejeweled 3

A ‘gem’ of a game!


Game in Hand

Game in Hand – Unlock all 8 game modes

Gamerscore = 25     Unlocked on 31/05/2012

Since it was released I wanted to purchase Bejeweled 3.  I have been a closet Bejeweled fan since I purchased ‘2’ during the early days of Xbox LIVE Arcade.  I even purchased Bejeweled Blitz when it was on sale several months ago to foster my Bejeweled appreciation.  The thing was for me that I did not want to pay full price for this game, so I waited patiently, but not overly long, for the price of this game to be cut in half.  At that point it was an easy sell.  What is more important though is that ‘3’ is like 8 games in one!

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You are DOOM3D!

Doom 3: BFG Edition due this Fall!


This was some recent and unexpected news that caught me a little off guard.  Bethesda and ID Software are re-releasing Doom 3 complete on the Xbox 360 (and PS3 for those who are so inclined), the package will include all new levels as well.  Doom has always been an interesting franchise for me.  I have always enjoyed my time playing all it various incarnations across a myriad of consoles and computers, but I have never really given into the series completely.

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Shadowrun Returns!

Seattle’s best!


The Kickstarter phenomenon of 2012 has been very expensive for me.  I have already supported several projects, but when they announced a proper return to the Shadowrun universe, I could not resist.  I was fascinated by Shadowrun’s bold mixture of cyberpunk and mysticism, that and through in some guns with a Native American veneer and you have one of the most interesting table-top meets gaming properties going.  After a long road and several different incarnations it appears Shadowrun is returning to its gaming roots via the PC.  While I am not the biggest PC gamer, I am willing to see what this version will bring.  I have to as I have committed $140 to this Kickstarter!

What follow the rest of this post is my brief history of Shadowrun games, and while it is not the most colorful history, it may shed some light on my reasoning for going all in on this project.

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Demo Impressions: Steel Battalion Heavy Armor

Living up to the legend!


As I have blogged about in the past, I am very excited for the release of an all-new Steel Battalion game.  What once was the most complex simulation game available on consoles has returned with an all new complexity.  This time the challenge does not come from a massive 40-button controller, rather it is manipulating your Vertical Tank (VT) with the controller and the Kinect which takes the place of the controller itself!  And not only do you have all of these levers and tools to control via the Kinect, you have squad-mates within your VT that requires your management.  Like Steel Battalion of old, there is a whole lot going on!  This week with the release of the Xbox Marketplace demo I was able to finally get behind the wheel, so to speak, of this generation’s VT.  Let me tell you about it.

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SUPERGHOST’s Haunted House of XBOX: It’s Just Business

Slowing down for the Summer.


Towards the end of April of this year I was lamenting the fact that my blog post production had dwindled down to a trickle after about a year and a half of constant output.  The good news is that my blog you are reading is not going anywhere, the bad news is that for the next several months the updates may be fewer and far between…but there is a good reason for that.

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Halo Highlight Reel: Crunching Numbers Edition

Reach-ing to new heights!


Top Shot

Top Shot – Anniversary: Earned 3 headshots in a row in a matchmade game

Gamerscore = 50     Unlocked on 16/11/2011

Today I happened to look at my Halo Reach stats as I wanted to see how close to 1,000 games played (campaign, firefight, versus session, etc.) I was as I want to hit that milestone before the release of Halo 4.  Turns out I have played 888 games of Reach, that is quite a lot.  The more interesting stat that I uncovered though was that according to the stat sheet I have played 200 hours of Reach right on the nose (to the nearest minute)!  An interesting stat and an interesting place for that number to land.  I am sure at this point that Phantasy Star Online across Dreamcast and Xbox is the only game I have played more.  Close behind that would be each of this generation’s Fallout games.  Appears Reach is by far the king of this generation, well deserved.

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Now Playing: Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition

The blocks that rock!


Monster HunterMonster Hunter – Attack and destroy a monster

Gamerscore = 20     Unlocked on 10/05/2012

The long awaited Xbox 360 version of Minecraft was finally released this week on Xbox LIVE Arcade.  While most people are aware of the Minecraft phenomenon, the Xbox 360 version was my first experience with the game itself. I suspected it would be good, but what I didn’t expect was how addictive the gameplay would be and how relentless those damn monsters would be. Continue reading

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