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SG Gone Crazy: Need for Speed Undercover

Yeah, I think I have gone crazy.  I have a tone of great games to play, some I haven’t even touched.  But for some reason, out of the blue, I feel compelled to want Need for Speed Undercover.  Now I … Continue reading

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I Suck With a Keyboard and Mouse

As I  had mentioned previously, I purchased Half-Life off of Steam.  For a 10 year old game it still looks pretty sweet.  Unfortunately I am unsure if I will ever be able to play very far into the game.  While … Continue reading

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My 360 Family of Avatars

  Above you can see the family SUPERGHOST!  I had some fun creating a representation of my family for the 360.  I had to manipulate my children’s size as they are still very young.  Good looking family don’t you think? … Continue reading

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Half-Life Steams the Windows for 98 Cents!

What is this? Another PC related post at the Haunted House of Xbox?  It was many months ago when I purchased and wrote about Diablo II, and well that was about it for me on the PC gaming space until … Continue reading

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Meet my Avatar

SUPERGHOST See you all online tomorrow! | Profile – My Gamer Card -SG

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NXE is A-OK!

I received my early pass to the New Xbox Experience last week, and you can colour me very impressed!  It looks great, moves smoothly, Avatar’s are not as bad as I thought.  I am a big fan of placing games … Continue reading

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Strategy Guides

I enjoy purchasing strategy guides, but not for the reason you may think.  When I enjoy a particular game or franchise, I want to immerse myself in all what that product and its universe has to offer.  This week I … Continue reading

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Left 4 Dead Demo Shuffles onto the Marketplace

Like a zombie, Left 4 Dead has crept under the radar as several highly-publicized ‘Triple-A’ titles have fought for their share of the holiday season limelight.  Now as its release approaches, Left 4 Dead looks to be the dark horse … Continue reading

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Call of Duty: The War That Was…

Tomorrow is Remembrance Day in Canada, the culmination of a week where we honour those who served so valiantly through the decades and have fought for our freedoms.  I humbly thank those who have served in our Military.  Such a … Continue reading

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Mission Accomplished: Gears of War 2

  Guerilla TacticianCompleted all campaign acts on Normal Difficulty Gamerscore = 50 Last night I powered my way to Gears of War 2‘s dramatic conclusion.  I can best describe my campaign experience as a roller-coaster ride.  So much action, so … Continue reading

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