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832228b I enjoy purchasing strategy guides, but not for the reason you may think.  When I enjoy a particular game or franchise, I want to immerse myself in all what that product and its universe has to offer.  This week I purchased Limited/Collector’s (see expensive) editions of two recently released Triple-A titles, Gears of War 2 and Fallout 3.

f3 Both guides look really slick and I am looking forward to their usefulness over the years.  The first ears guide I used extensively for useful bits of info and as well as to confirm the last few COG tag locals.  Also for Bethesda’s last massive RPG, Oblivion, I used its excellent guide for the little bits that helped make my experience just that little bit smoother.

Now for the most part I like to solve all my game situations on my own, but sometimes you need that little extra help.




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4 Responses to Strategy Guides

  1. Lefty says:

    Your not alone. I do exactly the same thing. As soon as a big game comes out I’m looking to add a guide book to my collection. The trouble with big games these days is that they’re so darn big I’m always afraid of missing something.
    The only time I ever, ever look for a tip or "cheat" is if I’m stuck somewhere and giving myself headaches about how to go on. Then I think it’s worth looking for help just so you can continue with the game and enjoy the ride.

  2. Aaron says:

    The Red Book!

  3. cok-toe says:

    If I love a game, I’ll buy the strat-guide for the same reasons. Like with KOTOR, when I bought the guide after I had thrice finished the game. I saw the Gears guide at EB and thought it was an art-book. Looks nice.

  4. I says:

    RuFfNeCk is addicted to strategy guides, we have shelves of them…

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