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Mission Acomplished: Fallout 3’s ‘The Pitt’

  Free LaborCompleted "Free Labor" Gamerscore = 40    Acquired 25/4/2009 Fallout 3’s latest DLC package entitled ‘The Pitt’ was a monster for me.  I sure cot my monies worth as I spent the better part of 8 – 10 … Continue reading

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Fallout: The Pitt and New Vegas

  After another brief hiatus (both blogging and from Fallout) and completion of my F.E.A.R. games, I thought it would be a good time to return to Fallout.  After a stop in Oasis I decided to head out a help … Continue reading

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Mission Acomplished: F.E.A.R. Double-Header

Complete: ClimaxComplete Mission on any difficulty: Climax Gamerscore = 15   Acquired 13/4/2009 An End to FEAR:Completed the Perseus Mandate campaign Gamerscore = 35   Acquired 13/4/2009 This past Easter Monday I was fortunate enough to have the day off … Continue reading

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Mission Accomplished: Resident Evil 5

  Soldier:Complete all chapters on Normal Gamerscore = 15   Acquired 8/4/2009 What an epic journey Resident Evil 5 was!  From its start in a sleepy little African village to its dramatic conclusion atop <*YOU WILL HAVE TO FIND OUT … Continue reading

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Achievement Milestone: 40,000 Gamerscore!

Completed Chapter 5 – 2Complete Chapter 5 – 2 on any difficulty setting Gamerscore = 15   Acquired 2/4/2009 This last 10,000 took a while, but on April 2nd I finally eclipsed 40K in Gamerscore!  That is a lot of … Continue reading

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Oblivion DLC: Completing the Collection

Bethesda has a funny way of celebrating April Fools.  Here is the excerpt from The Elder Scrolls website: 04.01.09 – OBLIVION 360 DLC ON SALE (MOST OF IT, ANYWAY)In celebration of the arrival of April, the wackiness of April Fool’s … Continue reading

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