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So Happy Together…

My gamerbuddy TormentX likes to get under my skin my being hard on PGR3 by saying that its graphics do not live up to the original screenshots.  I on the other hand believe that PGR3 is a tremendous looking game … Continue reading

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On Top of the World…

I don’t want anyone worrying about me for no reason, but within 8hrs of my 360’s demise, I had a brand new one up and running!  Fortunatly I had an extended warranty from launch through EB Games, I just walked … Continue reading

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In Memory of my (first) 360…

Hey, I thought I was immune.  While all my friends were swapping of their 360 due to that red ring of light, mine kept chugging along, eating lighting and shitting thunder…until last night.  I should have know something was up … Continue reading

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Shop Smart, Shop S-Mart…Failing That, Try Wal-Mart

Ahh Microsoft Points, how I love to spend thee.  But what I enjoy just as much is saving when purchasing points.  In this weeks Future Shop flyer (Canada’s Best Buy owned by…Best Buy) I spotted that points cards were on … Continue reading

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Phantasy Star Universe: Races – Beast

The Gurhal System is inhabited by five primary lifeforms: Humans, Newmen, Beasts, Casts, and Seed. The Humans were responsible for creating the Newman, Beast, and Cast races. SEED acts as an antagonistic force in the game. Beast This race has … Continue reading

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The ‘Roadie Run’ to Gears of War #5: Gearheads of War

Gears of War So when last I wrote about Gears I updated my entry to indicate that November 12th, 2006 will be Emergence Day.  Now I have discovered a cool GoW fanasite that is run by none other than CliffyB’s … Continue reading

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360 X-Press #22: The Gambling Edition

Myself at the poker table Summer may be on the downwards slide, that only means that the gaming scene is heating up!  This upcoming Wednesday Texas Hold ’em is scheduled to make it’s long awaited debut on the Xbox Live … Continue reading

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Achievment of the Week: Featuring PAC-MAN

All GhostsEat all ghosts in succession after eating a Power Pellet! Gamerscore=10 SUPERGHOST always gets all the ghosts!  The legendary arcade game PAC-MAN has made it’s way to the Xbox Live Arcade in all it’s glory!  Growing up I was … Continue reading

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A Quick Look at New Zack Island

Just click on the pic for a quick tour… -SG

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The Halo Movie’s New Direction

When I first heard that the Halo motion picture was not going to have a ‘name’ director I was a little disapointed, next I found out that it was a first-time director and I got even more nervous.  Neill Blomkamp … Continue reading

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