Phantasy Star Universe: Races – Beast


The Gurhal System is inhabited by five primary lifeforms: Humans, Newmen, Beasts, Casts, and Seed. The Humans were responsible for creating the Newman, Beast, and Cast races. SEED acts as an antagonistic force in the game.


This race has had its genes altered to adapt to the harsh environmental conditions seen in resource mining. Their excellent strength makes them great at close-combat. On the other hand, they do not have the concentration required to properly use guns and techniques. Beasts also possess a special ability called "Nanoblast" which allows them to transform into a form with even greather strength. Beasts mainly live on Moatoob.

Beasts were originally made by Humans to mine natural resources in harsh conditions. As such, they were treated as slaves by Humans for a long time. However, Beasts were able to use their physical strength to escape from clutches of the Governing Committee. After that, Beasts began to deal in resource trade and attained equality with the other races.

Even though Beasts are well known for their warm affection towards one another, they can be very moody. As a result of their violent temperament, many Beasts are involved in illegal trading and pirating. Also, Beasts have strong bonds with family and other members of their race. Accordingly, there is a tendency for Beasts to be very open with each other. On the other hand, they have ill-feelings towards Casts after being discriminated against and placed at the bottom of the social ladder for such a long period of time.

Since Beasts are a proud, hot-blooded race, there are always fights going within the cities. Therefore, there is a law which forbids any transformation within the cities. This law has very strict punishments associated with it.

*UPDATE* – A Fall 2006 release for PSU?  According to Sega of America’s homepage for Phantasy Star Universe it is.  I was clearly not expecting this game until the new year.  Will this date hold true?  Stay tuned…

Source:  PSO-World 


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