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360 X-Press #24: The 360 PWNES Edition

…PWNES X06 came…We saw…Microsoft kicks @$$!!!  That is the feeling I came away with yesterday after spending the entire evening downloading and watching trailers, playing demos, and watching the press briefing in its entirity.  One by one Microsoft dropped the … Continue reading

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Achievment of the Week: Test Drive Unlimited

SEASONED TRAVELLERCover 1,000 miles (1,600 km) Gamerscore=35 From one of my most recent posts you know that I really am into this game.  I have as of now already passed 1600 miles since I bought this game 10 days ago.  … Continue reading

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Xbox Live Vision: This Just In…

With the technology that is available via the Xbox Live Camera, I have now been able to secure this exclusive shot of Jamy crush and Jedi Scott: Funny, it is exactly as I pictured them. -SG

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Test Drive IS Unlimited

Does the above picture look familiar to you?  It may if you were a gamer in the late 80’s and your gaming rig of choice was a Commodore 64.  If you haven’ guessed by now you are looking at a … Continue reading

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Support OUR Troops

The Canadian Armed Forces Often I live in a video game induced haze.  I spend much of my free time enjoying my family, my video games, and my friends company.  I often avoid the TV because of crappy programing and … Continue reading

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Kameo Power Pack Available for Download

TormentX Loves his Kameo… Time to dust off ‘Kameo‘ because the Powepack is now available on Marketplace for 400 points in all Xbox Live regions. You can get complete details on the Kameo Power Pack over at the official site. – … Continue reading

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Re-mote Control Play Here and Now on Xbox 360

Here is a little something for you to try at home.  While playing Xbox Live Arcade titles UNO and Texas Hold ’em you can use your Xbox 360 remote as an alternative means of control.  So for those of you … Continue reading

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360 X-Press #23: The Call of Duty Edition

Well, last night we attepted to tackle the all-night Call of Duty 2 challange and had a very succesful run!  Did we make it through the 12 hours?  No.  We are old men with families, jobs, responsibilites, etc.  And while … Continue reading

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Call of Duty2 – All Night Part II

Well we got off to a quick start, full rooms, good games, good players, good times!  Two hours in though my crew is fading and there is 3 of us left.  Going to soldier on…Loki 343 just got here   … Continue reading

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An Xbox All-Nighter – Call of Duty 2: Part I

It is a crisp fall night, a perfect night to stay up and play Call of Duty 2!  I have stocked up on the field rations and have been watching episodes of Band of Brothers to get me psyched up … Continue reading

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