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Daytona USA…XBLA

From the arcade, to the Saturn, to the Dreamcast…to the Xbox 360! First Place BEGINNER – Win a BEGINNER Course in ARCADE Mode (any difficulty level is ok)                                                                                     Gamerscore = 10 Unlocked on 28/03/2012 When Daytona USA went on sale … Continue reading

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Feeling Lucky & Wild

Is it a shooter? A driving game? It is both! In over 1,100 posts here at the Haunted House I do not think I have ever posted on an arcade game while it is still in the arcade.  Well today … Continue reading

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Kinect making a comeback in my household! After starting with a bang last November the Kinect captured gamer’s imaginations with its sci-fi tech which created a new paradigm of gaming controls.  Unfortunately with only a handful of good games, hit … Continue reading

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SUPERGHOST TV: Featuring Forza Motorsport 4

SUPERGHOST…Super Sport Bugatti SS…262 MPH! Show Off – Upload a movie to     Gamerscore = 10   Unlocked on 14/10/2011 As you may have gathered from my recent posts I have been all about Forza Motorsport 4 this week.  Forza is … Continue reading

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Up Next: Forza Motorsport 4

Start your engines! After recently completing every event in Forza Motorsport 3 it is now time for a new challenge.  Fortunately in a few hours I will have in my possession Forza Motorsport 4!  The forth game in the franchise … Continue reading

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S-Rank: Forza Motorsport 3

The checkerd flag for Forza 3 achievements! Solid Gold – Achieve a gold trophy in every single race in the Event List in Season Play mode     Gamerscore = 80    Unlocked on 07/10/2011 At the beginning of April this year I … Continue reading

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Getting dirty! First DiRT Tour race, at least the first from start to finish! Into the DiRT – You have completed your first DiRT Tour race                                  Gamerscore = 10   Acquired on 24/05/2011 The start of my DiRT 3 experience was … Continue reading

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