Daytona USA…XBLA

From the arcade, to the Saturn, to the Dreamcast…to the Xbox 360!


First Place BEGINNER

First Place BEGINNER – Win a BEGINNER Course in ARCADE Mode (any difficulty level is ok)                                                                                     Gamerscore = 10 Unlocked on 28/03/2012

When Daytona USA went on sale this week for 400 points I could not resist.  Back in the day when I was rocking my Sega Saturn I loved Daytona USA.  Even though there were only the 3 maps (6 if you mirrored them) I still got  a lot of playtime out of it and still own it today.  It is also a rare example of myself being able to complete all the levels in the game by being able to come in first on the hardest map.  While Daytona USA had to contend with the suspect Saturn hardware it did produce a great looking and playing port of the arcade game.  I still have my copy to this day, just not the Netlink version.  Did you know you could play Daytona USA online on the Saturn all the way back in the 90s?  That was when Sega was still a progressive company.


Next time that I would get to play Daytona USA was on my Sega Dreamcast.  This version took the original Arcade game and infused it with online multiplayer.  Again another opportunity arose for Daytona USA to be played online, but this time I would have the tools to do so.  The online results for this game were not so good.  The dial-up technology of the time di not really support my ability to play this game, and with so much else to play on the Dreamcast a soon moved on to other games.  I still have my copy on the Dreamcast as well, but at this point why play it there when I can take it to the next level on my Xbox 360.


I find it exciting to once again be able to play Daytona USA.  The nostalgia element alone, when gaming was at a simpler time, is worth the $5 I paid for the game.  That and I will be able to earn achievements and play some multiplayer.  Also, Daytona USA has perhaps one of the greatest, or maybe most infectious, gaming soundtracks of all time.  Once you start listening or thinking about Daytona’s music, you will be hard pressed to get it out of your head!  DAAYYYYEEEETTTOOOOONAAAAAA!  LETS GO AWAY!

Sega was my favourite name in video games, especially through the 90s and early 2000s, but they have slipped back to the point where I have read even today they continue to restructure and downsize.  At least I still have my memories, and my games, from Sega’s glory days.  You can never really go back, but you can visit, and Daytona USA is a fun and unique trip!

SEGA :: GAMES :: Daytona® USA



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