Feeling Lucky & Wild

Is it a shooter? A driving game? It is both!


In over 1,100 posts here at the Haunted House I do not think I have ever posted on an arcade game while it is still in the arcade.  Well today I guess I am feeling lucky and wild because I was at the local arcade with my children and together we decided to play Lucky & Wild.  L&W was one of the few games in the arcade that all three of us could sit down and play a game.  How is that possible? Read on.


As you can see my the picture of the above cabinet it has a sit-down bench, a steering wheel with gas and brake pedals, and two mounted hand guns.  My son grabbed the wheel and my daughter and I each grabbed a pistol and we were off!


The arcade that we were playing at had unlimited credits, and we needed everyone of them.  My son had his share of difficulties behind the wheel and my daughter, I do not think she was pulling the trigger on her pistol that often.  We were having a lot of fun though.  Lucky & Wild is a pretty unique concept as it focuses on two distinctly different disciplines, driving and shooting, in one cabinet.  This is a game that absolutely is asking you to bring a buddy, or in my case two, to play.

The downside of this cabinet for me is that it does neither discipline much favour.  The driving came years after Sega’s Outrun but does not feel even close in gameplay or visuals.  The shooting would have benefitted from the pistols being detachable from the cabinet ala House of the Dead, instead they do feel quite awkward adhering to the cabinet.

Unfortunately we ran out of time otherwise we would have seen the game through to the end.  Perhaps on our next visit we will be feeling lucky…and wild, and tackle this game again!

Lucky & Wild – Videogame by Namco



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