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Rolling Start: Back to Blur

Its not so Bizarre to play Blur.  I must break youWreck your first Rival in a One-on-One Gamerscore = 20    Acquired 27/6/2010 A new release for $20, how could I resist.  My initial impression for Blur when I played … Continue reading

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Achievement Spotlight: Fallout 3

The game that keeps on giving!  The Bigger They Are…Kill all the Super Mutant Behemoths Gamerscore = 20    Acquired 12/6/2010 Recently we have discovered that Fallout: New Vegas has a set release date of October 19th, but before this … Continue reading

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The Remedy for Alan Wake is Max Payne

It’s bullet time baby!  Knowing even before Alan Wake came out that it was going to be an important game for me I decided that I would pick up Remedy’s console-available back catalogue.  Fortunately Microsoft had the foresight that before … Continue reading

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Mission Accomplished: Alan Wake

Already missing the darkness…  DepartureYou completed the game on Normal difficulty. Gamerscore = 40    Acquired 30/5/2010 Not even half way into 2010 and we have had several ‘Game of the Year’ contenders.  While I do not think Alan Wake … Continue reading

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