Achievement Spotlight: Fallout 3

The game that keeps on giving! 


The Bigger They Are…
Kill all the Super Mutant Behemoths

Gamerscore = 20    Acquired 12/6/2010

Recently we have discovered that Fallout: New Vegas has a set release date of October 19th, but before this game consumes my life I still have some work to do in the Washington D.C. wasteland.

250px-Super_Mutant_Behemoth Last week I finished off the quest the enabled me to kill the last Super Mutant Behemoth.  While several of the behemoths can be found roaming the wastes, waiting for you to stumble upon them and fight for dear life, the last one to kill on my list turned into quite the game of hide and seek.  I would like to say that without the strategy guide or some type of online tutorial it would be next to impossible to trigger this encounter.  First off you need to uncover a slightly hidden makeshift grave amongst the ruins of downtown D.C.  This will trigger the quest line, but it is a sub-quest, so it will not appear on your pip-boy as active quest, rather you will just pull off a note from this grave that gives you clues to find the next gravesite.  You must discover three graves in order to uncover the three clues that will, if you are a good detective, lead you to this encounter.  And even if you are a smart cookie you may still be glitch’d out of finding this Behemoth!  Fortunately I was able to discover my last target in the wastes and earn this particularly tough achievement.

So over 165 hours of gameplay later I still have some work to do in Fallout 3.  I plan on earning all the achievements I can that do not deal with alignment before New Vegas hits home.  If you have played Fallout 3 I would like to know how many hours you have played (or care to admit) in this game?  Also did you play the main story straight away, or were you a waste-wanderer?  I would be interested in hearing readers feedback regarding this game or your anticipation for Fallout: New Vegas.

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