The Remedy for Alan Wake is Max Payne

It’s bullet time baby! 

maxpayne Knowing even before Alan Wake came out that it was going to be an important game for me I decided that I would pick up Remedy’s console-available back catalogue.  Fortunately Microsoft had the foresight that before they shut down their Xbox Originals program to have both Max Payne and May Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne available for purchase on the Marketplace.

I have just recently started to play Max Payne and I can already see the similarities and Remedy’s evolution towards Alan Wake, In particular The storytelling, combat, and general feel of the game.   I plan on chipping away at these games over the next several months, but before I get to that point I will llikely be playing through Alan Wake on Nightmare.  I still have a lot of collecting to do in that game before I am done.

Rockstar Games: Max Payne



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