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Fallout New Vegas: The Strip Awaits

The Mohave Wasteland has been keeping me busy! Outstanding Orator – Made 50 Speech challenges                                         Gamerscore = 15   Acquired on 30/01/2011 I think I am going for a record.  That record being the longest somebody has played Fallout New Vegas … Continue reading

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Re-Kinected: Game Party In Motion

Time to once again stand up for your game! Skill Ball 100 Score – Get a ball in the 100 score ring in Skill Ball             Gamerscore = 50   Acquired on 28/01/2011 After a month long sabbatical from motion gaming, I … Continue reading

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Gambling in my Video Games…

I always like to roll the dice! Personally I have never been the biggest gambler, I always play my cards and my wallet, close to my chest.  However, in the land of video games (where you really have nothing to … Continue reading

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Silent Hill: Downpour

Psychological survival-horror makes it rain! Gamers once again will have the opportunity to re-enter the eerie world that is Silent Hill as the second “next-gen” Silent Hill game, and the first since Shattered Memories, arrives this Fall and will go … Continue reading

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Freak Out! Macho Man Randy Savage is in WWE All Stars!

Oooooooooh Yeahhhh! It was my understanding that the Randy Savage (aka The Macho Man, Randy Poffo) has been on the outside looking in when it comes to the new WWE, possibly due to a falling-out with the McMahon’s.  It appears … Continue reading

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Gears of War: Exile Trademarked

Is this the rumoured Kinect title? Giant Bomb is reporting that a trademark has been filed for a new Gears of War game sporting the sub title of ‘Exile’.  With Gears of War 3 just around the corner and the … Continue reading

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Fallout New Vegas is Bugging Me

Glitches are adding up… Master of the Mojave – You Discovered 125 locations                                  Gamerscore = 25   Acquired on 17/01/2011 If you have been a reader of my blog over the last couple of years you would be well acquainted with … Continue reading

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