Re-Kinected: Game Party In Motion

Time to once again stand up for your game!


Skill Ball 100 ScoreSkill Ball 100 Score – Get a ball in the 100 score ring in Skill Ball             Gamerscore = 50   Acquired on 28/01/2011

After a month long sabbatical from motion gaming, I have once again got back on the saddle…then off again to stand in front of my Kinect and play some video games.  Tonight I tried to take my son out into the really-real world and go bowling.  With no lanes available it was back to the homestead with a pizza in tow and plan to engage my son in another form of competition.


A good time was had by all tonight as we took part in several games such as Skill Ball (see above), Beer Pong (minus the beer), Table Hockey Bean-Bag Toss, and even some 8-Ball!  Not bad for not having to leave the basement.  Since I am back on the Kinect train, perhaps I will bust out Kinect Sports tomorrow and get back into the Bowling swing of things.

Game Party: In Motion




I like CFL Football, Video Games, and Social here I am!
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