Drop Some Coin: OutRun Online Arcade and Dragon Age II

My 360 game collection continues to grow.


Back in November I posted my desire to purchase OutRun Online Arcade from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace before its licensing agreement runs out late this year.  Fortunately it became available for half-cost just this week (400 MS Points)!  Of course I took advantage of that deal.  What I did not expect to do this week was not only pre-order Dragon Age II, but pre-order it as well from the EA Store.

There be Dragons…

I had not played Dragon Age Origins, but I had purchased for a short time, long enough to purchase the Collector’s Edition of the guide.  But knowing that they have made this game more accessible ala Mass Effect 2, my excitement for Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and a chance to pre-order the Signature Edition of the game I decided to take the plunge a few nights back.

The problem may be finding the time for it.  With some potential life changes due in the coming months I may even have less time to play games, but I will have Dragon Age II available to me if I so choose to play it!

Get OutRun: Online Arcade Before it RunsOut | SUPERGHOST’s Haunted House of XBOX

Dragon Age II



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