Freak Out! Macho Man Randy Savage is in WWE All Stars!

Oooooooooh Yeahhhh!


It was my understanding that the Randy Savage (aka The Macho Man, Randy Poffo) has been on the outside looking in when it comes to the new WWE, possibly due to a falling-out with the McMahon’s.  It appears that as usual money, not time, heals all wounds.  With bygones being bygones,  it appears the Macho Man is in the WWE’s good graces again and will appear in THQ’s WWE All Stars.

Macho Man is so excited, I think his dentures will fly out!

With Hogan and Flair featured prominently in TNA’s promotion, there are few WWE stars of the past that still resonate with WWE fans old and new.  Bret Hart recently made amends (and money) so it appears that Randy Savage was the last hold out let back into the fold.  Ultimately I think this great for wrestling and gaming fans to once again have a crack at the Macho Man, but I do hope he lightens up on his promos.  I think he may be over-selling himself a bit much as you can see in the embedded video.

Either way, welcome back Macho Man (aka Santa Claus).  Freak Out!

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