Fallout New Vegas: The Strip Awaits

The Mohave Wasteland has been keeping me busy!


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I think I am going for a record.  That record being the longest somebody has played Fallout New Vegas without making it onto the Vegas Strip.  I am about 65 hours in to New Vegas yet I have not set foot onto The Strip.  I have admired the lights from afar, and from near.  In fact I just recently ran across the famous ‘Welcome to Vegas’ sign on the South Strip.  I have been keeping myself busy on quests in and around the wasteland instead, but I think I am getting to a point where I have to push on, after all there is still a lot of game that awaits.


When last I posted about New Vegas I complained about how buggy the game got.  It is a bit better, but I have to be careful when I shop, that seems to be where most of my problems stem from.  I find that it is a good idea to hard save before I start a major shop and also to follow up with a save after it is complete.  It is a pain to have to redo what you have just done, also the store items are not the same once your game freezes, so that cool item or upgrade you just picked up may not be there after the crash.

So I will soldier on, no end in sight, but the Vegas Strip is just now coming into focus.

Fallout New Vegas




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1 Response to Fallout New Vegas: The Strip Awaits

  1. Cassie X says:

    Man, I keep hearing more and more about the bugs in this game.

    I’ve heard a lot of stories of the game crashing once you hit the strip, so maybe you’re better off staying away for now. 😛

    Although I’ll still be buying the game, I’m glad I didn’t get it first day like I originally planned.

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