Silent Hill: Downpour

Psychological survival-horror makes it rain!


Gamers once again will have the opportunity to re-enter the eerie world that is Silent Hill as the second “next-gen” Silent Hill game, and the first since Shattered Memories, arrives this Fall and will go by the subtitle of Downpour.  Clearly rain will be a strong motif in the latest game, much in the way I think ice and snow were utilised in Shattered Memories.  Shattered Memories was one of my favourite games from last year.  I hope Downpour can use that momentum after a sub-par Silent Hill: Homecoming.  Downpour will also represent the first Silent Hill game since Akira Yamaoka departure from Konami.  I believe the franchises future may ride on this game.


While I have offered my two cents, here is what Konami’s latest press release had to say:

Silent Hill 8 Officially Named Silent Hill: Downpour


Today, Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. released the first screenshots and music from the highly anticipated survival horror game, Silent Hill: Downpour. Making its return to “next generation” consoles this fall, Silent Hill: Downpour will bring a completely original storyline, and all-new haunting soundtrack as players find themselves stranded in the foggy, malevolent world of Silent Hill.

Silent Hill: Downpour starts as Murphy Pendleton, the game’s main character, finds himself lost and alone in the woods after his prison transport bus crashes near the town of Silent Hill. What happens after is up to the player as they traverse an all new Silent Hill environment that is expansive, yet claustrophobic. And though this sleepy town may feel desolate, the player is never truly alone.

Screenshots show highly detailed environments of the new Silent Hill, where seedy pasts and uncertain futures unify to create to a terrifying present. Included within is a sneak preview of the town, as well as two all new environments; The Diner and The Devil’s Pit.

Silent Hill: Downpour is scheduled to be released in fall 2011

Colour me intrigued, but I am still a little leery.  I hope that the development team continues to break new ground with the Silent Hill franchise and creates a game that is as fun to play as it is scary.  Shattered Memories proved you could shake up the formula and be successful, I hope that they follow suit.

Silent Hill: Downpour




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1 Response to Silent Hill: Downpour

  1. Cassie X says:

    I didn’t hate Homecoming, and I haven’t yet been able to afford Shattered Memories, but now both that and Downpour are on my list.

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