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X-Press #9: The Late Show

It has been awhile since I have been able to Xpress myself up in this ma.  I have been quite busy on my content over at News0r, most notably my Gears of War feature and a recent review of Ghost … Continue reading

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Gears of War: Know Your Enemy – Part IV

“Gears of War had a great reception. We had some insane buzz at (E3)! Insane, I tell you! Establishing a new franchise in the year 2005 is very, very difficult. You’ve got to have hookers in your game. Or a … Continue reading

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…that is what I plan to do at my blog.  To me it seems clutterd, I am hoping that I can reduce that.  Also The Xbox 360 is coming ever closer to release and I want to increase the blog’s … Continue reading

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Gears of War: Know Your Enemy – Part III

  “Everything you saw that was Unreal Engine (including) Gears of War was all running real-time in Unreal Engine 3.” – CliffyB on G4TV discussing the Gears of War E3 Trailer At the heart of every great piece of gaming … Continue reading

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Check out my new HDTV!!!   Since the XBOX 360 has been announced as supporting 720p and Widescreen on all games, I made it a mission of mine to purchase a TV which supported those features.  And now I have … Continue reading

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XBOX 360: Final Fantasy XI

  This post is for especially for Nicky.  It is the first released screenshot for Final Fantasy XI for the Xbox 360!  Thanks again to TeamXBOX for the image.     -SG

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Gears of War: Know your Enemy Part II

  “(Gears of War) is kind of a mix of tactical action and survival horror… Its coming out probably June 06, but don’t hold me to it.” –Cliff ‘CliffyB’ Bleszinski on Gears of War at G4’s Gphoria July 2005  I … Continue reading

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Xbox 360: The FAQ

TeamXBOX have posted an excelent FAQ section on the Xbox 360.  It is a ‘what we know so far’ update and a good read if you have any burning questions about the 360.  So just click HERE to read the … Continue reading

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X-Press #8: The Midsummer Classic

Been awhile coming but I am back for another Xpression of Xbox related insight.  Between vacation and working up a storm at News0r (shameless plug) my Blog doesn’t always get the luv it deserves.  But I am here now so … Continue reading

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Give Us The Gears – Gears of War: Know Your Enemy, Part I

Those who are regular visitors to the Haunted House may already recognize this Gears of War feature as it has appeared in a different form previously in my blog entries.  But what I am currently doing is expanding on the orignal … Continue reading

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