Gears of War: Know your Enemy Part II

“(Gears of War) is kind of a mix of tactical action and survival horror… Its coming out probably June 06, but don’t hold me to it.” –Cliff ‘CliffyB’ Bleszinski on Gears of War at G4’s Gphoria July 2005
 I kept my fingers crossed as CliffyB dropped those words on the red carpet at this years Gphoria, G4TV’s video game awards show. This as far as I am concerned is great news as far as a possible release date goes for Gears of War. I may not be able to circle a date on my calendar, but now I can at least circle a month.
 Now last week we discovered the Locust Horde, but whom or rather what exactly makes up this collective of evil? While all the races we may not know of as yet, we are aware of some. Part II of our Gears of War coverage explores the enemy known only as the Drone.
Gears of War: Know Your Enemy Part II
 “Tattooed enemies are easy. Branding? Far more rough and nasty. Tough, savage, yet intelligent” –Gears of War: Destroyed Beauty
Height: 2+ meters
Weight: 120 kilograms
Tactical: Tough hide – use shotgun a close range to terminate. Contrary to the “mindless horde” rumours you might hear, they’re capable of setting up ambushes, lures, and sniping. When ordered, they’ll throw their lives away by the hundreds to kill one entrenched Gear. Never seen one lose morale and bolt.
Special Formation: Troika cabal. Three-part team operating a high-rate-of-fire pulse-projectile gun that makes our .50 calibers look like peashooters. Avoid.
SUPERGHOST’s Take: Drones appear to be the foot soldiers of the Horde. Fearless, well armed, well armoured killing machines! And these are supposed to be the cannon fodder? I don’t like our odds. I take a look at these guys and I put them along side the Grunts in Halo and I say to myself “You got to be kidding me! They look more like the Elites!” I can see we will have our work cut out for us. (Note to self: Bring a big F***n’ Gun and lots of ammo!)
 Next Week: Part III, Brumak (has to be seen to be believed)


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