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Daytona USA…XBLA

From the arcade, to the Saturn, to the Dreamcast…to the Xbox 360! First Place BEGINNER – Win a BEGINNER Course in ARCADE Mode (any difficulty level is ok)                                                                                     Gamerscore = 10 Unlocked on 28/03/2012 When Daytona USA went on sale … Continue reading

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Middle-aged Wasteland

From the ashes, from inXile, the father of Fallout! I was fifteen years old when the classic PC role-playing game Wasteland entered into my gaming lexicon.  I was already well into computer role-playing games at this time by cutting my … Continue reading

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Up Next: Silent Hill HD Collection

Something wicked this way comes… After several days away I am back in the really-real world…only to launch myself back into the unreal nightmare that is the town of Silent Hill.  Silent Hill is one of my favourite gaming franchises … Continue reading

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Halo Highlight Reel: Halo to the Chief Edition

Halo 4 details emerge… This past week at Microsoft’s Showcase we got some of our first real looks at what Halo 4 will look like. and from my observations, it will be a Halo game.  It will be Halo game, … Continue reading

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Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor–The Release Date

It’s Tekki!  It’s June 19th! Over a year and a half ago I did a monstrous post on the history and legacy of Steel Battalion.  I was extremely excited of the prospect of a new Steel Battalion game so I … Continue reading

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Now Playing: Mass Effect 3

Get your ass back to Mars! Driven – Return to active duty Gamerscore = 5     Unlocked on 06/03/2012 The long awaited conclusion to the Mass Effect trilogy is finally here.  It has been an interesting ride these past 5 years.  … Continue reading

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Mission Accomplished: The Gunstringer

Hang ‘em high…by a string! Took a Bullet for the Team – Took down a bunch of the developers Gamerscore = 10     Unlocked on 04/03/2012 Out of all the Kinect games I have played so far (and i have played … Continue reading

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Microsoft Flight

Take Flight! Fledgling Career – This is where it all begins. You’re on your way to being a pilot Gamerscore = 5     Unlocked on 02/03/2012 Here is a classic example of a game that has come straight out of left … Continue reading

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