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Redux: Alan Wake’s American Nightmare

Caught in the loop. One Day I’ll Buy a Stapler – You got every manuscript page in the game. Gamerscore = 20     Unlocked on 05/05/2012 Last night I completed my second playthrough of Alan Wake’s American Nightmare.  As I mentioned … Continue reading

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Up Next: Silent Hill HD Collection

Something wicked this way comes… After several days away I am back in the really-real world…only to launch myself back into the unreal nightmare that is the town of Silent Hill.  Silent Hill is one of my favourite gaming franchises … Continue reading

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Mission Accomplished: Alan Wake’s American Nightmare

Night Springs eternal… Happy Ending – You used Mr. Scratch’s own trap to destroy him Gamerscore = 25     Unlocked on 29/02/2012 Today I am home sick from work.  Last night I was having fever dreams throughout the night, I kept … Continue reading

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Up Next: Alan Wake’s American Nightmare

You know I’m a Psycho! Perhaps it is due to my lifestyle as of late but I am really starting to appreciate the bite-sized games experience.  Lately my gaming has consisted of a race here and there in Forza, or … Continue reading

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Scare Tactics: Haunt-ing Kinect

Kinect senses me going bump in the night! Phanta-stic Start – Retrieve the first Phantaflask and return it to the statue Gamerscore = 15     Unlocked on 28/01/2012 It seems to be that it has been a while since I played … Continue reading

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Kinect making a comeback in my household! After starting with a bang last November the Kinect captured gamer’s imaginations with its sci-fi tech which created a new paradigm of gaming controls.  Unfortunately with only a handful of good games, hit … Continue reading

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SUPERGHOST’s Fright Week: Castlevania – Lords of Shadow

On all Hallows’ Eve…there be monsters! Experienced – Acquire 1000 experience points Gamerscore = 10     Unlocked on 27/09/2011 With this post I will be bringing my 2011 edition of SUPERGHOST’s Fright Week to a conclusion on the eve of Halloween.  … Continue reading

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