SUPERGHOST’s Fright Week: Halo Anniversary

The nightmare that is the Flood!


Like Gears of War, many would not consider Halo, and in particular Halo: Combat Evolved (or Anniversary, take your pick) to be a ‘scary’ game.  I do understand that sentiment, but most people may overlook the fact that the Flood-forms, the mysterious third-wheel of destruction that invades your Halo game about midway through the adventure, are just another take on the zombie genre.  One may refer to them as space-zombies, or future-zombies.  The Flood infect their host and turn them essentially into the walking dead, the difference here is that for the most part, the Flood remain extremely dangerous, still able to use weapons, and the creature they take over, their mind and all its knowledge, become part of the collective consciousness, or Gravemind (aptly named) of the Flood.  Scary stuff indeed!


My personal experience, or testimonial, of the Halo being a Fright Week game would be from the fact that back in the day when I would play Halo, and in particular Halo: CE, after long late night sessions I would go to bed, but I would not stop playing.  In my dreams I would continue to face the Flood, this time I was truly the Master Chief.  Several times Halo, and the Flood, would haunt my dreams.  It is not like I would spring out of bed, screaming, and in a cold sweat, it would just be a pretty intense dream and I would linger on it for awhile.

Halo flood

I think their is something to the environment on Delta Halo and how it plays in Halo: CE.  It could be the solitude of the experience, or it could be the mysterious and cavernous Forerunner structures that populate the game.  That combined with the mood the lighting and sound create and the levels that feature the Flood made for a unique Halo experience, one that I do not think has been duplicated in the series.

At least not duplicated until now.  Halo Anniversary is nearly upon us and I cannot wait to revisit these environments.  I do realize that they will appear different, but I still think they will carry the magic and spirit of the original. And if they didn’t, you could just go back to the old look and feel with the touch of the button.  Halo: CE, at the end of the day, may be the game that deserves to be here the most.   Happy Halloween Halo!  See you in a few days (and then, in my dreams/nightmares). Winking smile

Halo Waypoint



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