Up Next: Alan Wake’s American Nightmare

You know I’m a Psycho!


Perhaps it is due to my lifestyle as of late but I am really starting to appreciate the bite-sized games experience.  Lately my gaming has consisted of a race here and there in Forza, or perhaps a few rounds of Halo: Reach multiplayer.  Two of the games I was looking forward to the most this past Fall, Assassin’s Creed and Skyrim, have fallen of the radar for me due to the commitment they pose.  While this is distressing, at the same time it is liberating not being confined to an experience for long periods of time.

As you may already know I am a huge fan of Alan Wake.  Alan Wake may be one of my favourite game experiences of this generation, so when American Nightmare was announced I was ecstatic that the story would continue.   As American Nightmare is coming in the form of an Xbox Live Arcade title it fits nicely into this unfocused gaming situation I find myself in as of late.  I like the idea of taking the Alan Wake combat and playing a round of Fight Till Dawn as a way to pass by the time. Perhaps boning up on the combat will prepare me for my completion of my Alan Wake Nightmare run I am currently in.


Furthering the Alan Wake storyline is a big draw for me as well.  I want to see where this game takes us, and perhaps where we are heading to next.  I have been avoiding most media behind this game because I want my experience to be as fresh as it can.

Alan Wake’s American Nightmare will be available for download tomorrow.  You know where I will be tomorrow night…in Night Springs!

Alan Wake



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  1. Superghost A Canadian Nightmare!!!

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