SUPERGHOST’s Fright Week: Rise of Nightmares

Atmospheric survival-horror…on the Kinect!


Invitation to a NightmareInvitation to a Nightmare – Began the Nightmare

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When Rise of Nightmares was first announces, along with Haunt, I was excited for the fact that there would be two horror based Kinect titles.  When I started to see the media emerging around Rise Of Nightmares as its launch approached I was turned off my what looked like a Saw meets Hostel slaughter-fest of gore and guts.  As my scary-game leaning are more to the strong, silent (hill) types I decided that Rise was not for me and I would await Haunt to get my spooky fix on the Kinect.  Two thing happened recently that had me change my mind on this game.  First of all, my extended commitment to Fright Week this year made me think I needed content, that and it was on sale for $20 off.  I thought in the interest of informing my readers about the game I would take the plunge into this nightmare, and wee where it would take me.


I am happy to report that, though very early on in the game, that I have been pleasantly surprised by Rise of Nightmares.  First and foremost, what sets this game apart from other Kinect titles I have owned or played, Rise of Nightmares is a ‘game’.  By that I mean it is not a series of zombie based mini-games, but rather it is a survival-horror game that uses the Kinect to allow your character to move and interact with the world.  It is not on rails, you are actually able to move fairly freely in the world, and the Kinect handles it with ease.

Secondly, the game has a narrative.  Now I am not sure of the quality or depth of the story, but what I can say is that I really enjoyed Act I.  I thought it had a great feel, and it has also set up the protagonist nicely for his motivations going forward.  The game feels very much at home in the survival-horror genre thus far, not just another Kinect game.


So my advice to you is that if you have a Kinect, and are looking for some thrills at home this Halloween, I would highly recommend Rise of Nightmares.  Get ready to fight for your life!

Rise of Nightmares




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