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Achievement Milestone: 1,000th Achievement!!! – Featuring Halo 3

  ReturnCompleted the final mission of the Campaign Gamerscore=50 Campaign Complete: NormalCompleted the Campaign on Normal difficulty Gamerscore=125 Wow!  That is a lot of Achievements!  It works out to more than 3 a day since I purcchased my 360.  I … Continue reading

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Halo 3 Cometh! Enter the Camper!

Clockwise From Top Left: TormentX, CAtraingbra, Memnoch444, TormentX’s ‘flamboyant’ twin, Rican Havoc Nearly two years ago and TormentX and Rican Haovoc had a 19 hour camp session which netted each a coveted 360!  You can read Torment’s account HERE. Fast forward nearly … Continue reading

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Halo 3 Countdown: 1 More Sleep to go!

  One more sleep and one long day actually.  Then there is the wait in front of EB, then I will take home my Legendary Edition, un pack it, admire it, then it’s off to the races!  It really feels … Continue reading

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Halo 3 Countdown: 2 More Sleeps!

  Looking to get a jump on your Halo 3 experience?  Why not browse the game manual online.  By clicking on this LINK and installing Microsoft’s new Silverlight software, you can be game-day ready to start kickin’ Covanent booty!  That … Continue reading

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Halo 3 Countdown: 3 More Sleeps!

  With three more sleeps, maybe should pick up Halo 2 one last time…because will you really want to play it anymore after ‘3’ comes out? -SG

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Halo 3 Countdown: 4 More Sleeps!

  Check out the revamped today!  It will be your home away from home after September 25th! -SG

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Halo 3 Countdown: 5 More Sleeps!

  5 more sleeps it is.  Expect a slowdown here at the Haunted House over the next couple of weeks.  I will be doing some blogging this weekend then probably be off for the better par of Halo week.  At … Continue reading

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