Achievement Milestone: 1,000th Achievement!!! – Featuring Halo 3



Completed the final mission of the Campaign


halo3 ach1

Campaign Complete: Normal
Completed the Campaign on Normal difficulty


Wow!  That is a lot of Achievements!  It works out to more than 3 a day since I purcchased my 360.  I thought i was most fitting that this milestone  would be achieved upon the completion of the 360’s most anticipated and coveted game, Halo 3.  These two came out simultainiously, hence there duel inclusion (duel weilding achievements?).

I was very anxious to witness the storyline’s conclussion so I set myself upon the quest of compeating it as fast as I could, less than 24 hours after it’s purchase it was done.  A very satisfying conclussion to Master Chief’s saga.  This game really struck me as a love letter to Halo: Combat Evolved, as it seems they were doing things the way they wished they could from the start.  And as a result. Halo 3 struck the right courds and made for a heck of thrill ride (albeit a shorter one).

That doesn’t mean Halo is over, rather it is just begining.  Co-op, The Forge, Multiplayer all await, it is going to be a fun fall!  See you there!

-SGTongue out



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1 Response to Achievement Milestone: 1,000th Achievement!!! – Featuring Halo 3

  1. Aaron says:

    I wish I could say what I want about the end but its still to early for some so I cant and I wont  ………… looking forward to the next game though :)

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