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360 X-Press #25: The Year 1 Edition

A very good year… …though it sure doesn’t feel like it.  It seems like only yesterday that my friends and I were dabbling with Perfect Dark Zero, being creeped out by Condemned: Criminal Origins, and wowed by Call of Duty … Continue reading

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Test Drive Unlimited: Tuned Up – Part II

Looks like TormentX got his wish.  Available on Xbox Live Marketplace today for Test Drive Unlimited is some brand new cars!  Here is what’s available: Chevrolet Corvette C1 1957 Chevrolet Corvette C1 1957 (Hardtop) RUF RGT Koenigsegg CCR Noble M400 … Continue reading

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Test Drive Unlimited: Tuned Up

Restart your engines (and see the exhaust)… Test Drive Unlimited stole a big chunk of my life this fall.  I was compleatly addicted to this game, and still enjoy it with all the other great titles that have emerged as of … Continue reading

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500th Achievement!!! Featuring Gears of War

Time to RememberRecover one-third of the COG tags (on any difficulty) Gamerscore=10 Yesterday I had the opportunity to place my 500th achivement, so knowing I needed just one more COG Tag to earn this one I went about my way … Continue reading

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Achievement Spotlight: Featuring Call of Duty 3

Canadian HighlanderFought in the war as a Canadian Highlander Gamerscore=10 I used to call this feature ‘Achievement of the Week’.  Unfortunatly I have been unable to keep up to weekly, so welcome to the ‘Achievement Spotlight’! Call of Duty 3 … Continue reading

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My 360’s New Sidekick, HD-DVD Lad!

This past Wednesday I placed my vote in the video format wars by purchasing the HD DVD player peripheral for my 360.  I was instantly impressed with how vibrant the picture was.  Included with my player was a 360 Media … Continue reading

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Death of a 360

No ‘ring of red’ this time, it just crashed… hard.  Thankfully I had my trusty EB Games warrenty to run out and get myself a new one.  Total down time was about 2 hours.  Hopefully the 3rd 360 is the … Continue reading

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