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Today: GTA IV Goodies and SUPERGHOST Takes a Break

While limited editions are all the rage in the video game industry, it looks like Rockstar is looking to up the ante beyond the cat-helmet.  When you purchase Grand Theft Auto IV: Limited Edition you will recieve the following: A … Continue reading

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Halo Highlight Reel: Back to Basics

In anticipation of the impending release of Halo 3, I thought I would go back and revisit the other titles in the series and play through the story once again.  Last night I dusted off the original Halo (first time … Continue reading

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GWIBT: Quake 4

Today was one of those days where I needed to buy something to feel better, enter Quake 4.  I have been a casual fan of id shooters for some time, add that in with $20 cost plus the inclusion of … Continue reading

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360 X-Press: The Back to the Fold Edition

With a slow week in news and a busy week for me I skipped out on last week’s express.  Here is what I have found interesting recently in 360. Just when I thought I had enough propriatary peripherals for my … Continue reading

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PGR4: It’s in the Weather

Though I am right in the middle of Forza 2, I am always excited for Project Gotham Racing 4 news.  This week all the diffrent weather types were unveiled.  Lets have a look: Clear: A normal, sunny day. Your cornering will … Continue reading

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Halo Highlight Reel: The Post-Beta Edition

Click to enlarge Since the beta ended there has been a flood (no pun intended) of Halo 3 items making the rounds through the interweb.  Now I could go on about every little thing that has been made available, instead … Continue reading

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GWIBT: Original Xbox in the Hizouse w/ Stuff and Pirates!

While I actually did not buy this today it arived today.  Sid Meier’s Pirates! was one of the coolest games I owned…on my Commodore 64, and after seeing the latest Pirates of the Carribean movie, I had a hankerin’ for … Continue reading

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GWIBT: It’s Back!

…well in a sense.  I traded off my original Xbox back in late ’06 in order to buy my son his own 360.  It wasn’t without it own share of regret, I had a lot of game saves on there, … Continue reading

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Halo Highlight Reel: Sun Sets on Halo 3 Beta

It will be a few months before I bubble-shield again… It was May 11 when I received my Friends and Family invite to play Halo 3.  Now today is June 9th, and after 200 games I am retiring from the … Continue reading

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360 X-Press: The All-Pro Edition

Another week rolls buy and the news revelation train is picking up steam!  Lots of interesting things to see and do so Lets have a look and what has caught my attention in the last seven days. Finally video football … Continue reading

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