PGR4: It’s in the Weather


Though I am right in the middle of Forza 2, I am always excited for Project Gotham Racing 4 news.  This week all the diffrent weather types were unveiled.  Lets have a look:

  • Clear: A normal, sunny day. Your cornering will be sharp, assuming you have the skills.
  • Overcast: There will be lots of cloud cover, but no change to your vehicle dynamics.
  • Light Rain: A little drizzle, but nothing to change your driving style too much. The track surface will be slightly slippery, and you’ll find that too much gas will lead to your backend sliding around more than usual.
  • Heavy Rain: Lots and lots of the wet stuff. Your visibility will be reduced, and you’ll be peering between frantic windscreen wipers when using in-car view. Deep puddles form around the track, and should be avoided at all costs.
  • Wet: The aftermath of a heavy rainfall. Clouds are still brooding in the sky. The track is wet, but the puddles are dissipating and everything is slowly drying up.
  • Storm: Danger time. Rain, clouds, thunder, lightning. The sky is black, and your chase camera will be obscured by heavy rainfall. Keeping your car on the track will be difficult… but racking up the sliding Kudos won’t be!
  • Light fog: A slight haze rests over the city, giving a slight reduction in visibility. It does not affect vehicle dynamics, but stay on your toes and don’t let any corners creep up on you.
  • Heavy fog: A huge cloud descends over the track. Visibility is severely reduced, and finding your way is difficult. On some tracks you can drive uphill and rise above the fog, so use this opportunity to scout out the route below.
  • Icy: A really, really cold day. Puddles are starting to freeze over, so watch out for them. You’d be silly to go out without wearing a bobble hat.
  • Snow: The track is icy and slippery, snow is falling from the sky, and all the puddles have completely frozen over. You’ll need to drive slower and avoid the icy patches; even if it means straying from the racing line.

    Lots of effects, lots of racing conditions, this will make for a most interesting game of Cat and Mouse!


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    2 Responses to PGR4: It’s in the Weather

    1. Aaron says:

      splish …splash !

    2. I says:

      Very cool!  I think this will add so much to the game…

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