360 X-Press: The Back to the Fold Edition

With a slow week in news and a busy week for me I skipped out on last week’s express.  Here is what I have found interesting recently in 360.


Just when I thought I had enough propriatary peripherals for my systems (Steel Battalion…Check, Guitar Hero II…Check, 360 Wheel…Check), but it looks like a still have room for one more in my heart.  I remember enjoying earlier itterations of the series but due to my choice in console direction I have been away from the series for a while.  Recently I remeber seeing Ace Combat 5 with its packed-in flight stick an wishing I could own it.  Now it looks like I will be doing bettter: New Ace Combat (6) in the next-gen with a hot new flight stick!  I hope that maybe a few friends will pick this up when it comes out for some hot dog-fight action!


Crackdown, what once was considered only a trojan horse for the Halo 3 beta, is still soldiering on in my household.  While I have beaten the game twice, I recently started a third campaign in order to pick up a few achievements such as the Berserker, Harpooning, and Car Collecting.  I am still 2 (technically 3, but I know where one is) Hidden Orbs away from ‘catching’ them all.  This game may possibly be the most played game in this house, this year!


I started my quest for the World Cup this week.  I used to be a big video soccer dude in the 90’s and it was nice to get back into the game again.  I may be interesed in looking a future versions possibly once I am done with FIFA World Cup 06.

That is it for this week except for the afterthoughts:

  • NHL 08 news is slowly coming out.  How does the best hockey game get better?  It just does…
  • Recently picked up DDR Universe for the 360.  More on that in a later blog
  • Looking to once again revamp the blog, mostly from an article perspective.
  • Next new game on the 360 for me: 2K8 Football, I am going All-Pro!
  • Halo 3 ARG is psyching me up!  Can’t wait for Sept. 25th!
  • Where have you gone Minor Celebrities?

Stay frosty!




I like CFL Football, Video Games, and Social Media....so here I am!
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One Response to 360 X-Press: The Back to the Fold Edition

  1. Aaron says:

    you should really sign up for 360voice .com to see a chart of ur most played games. its right up ur alley

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