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SG’s Clancey-verse: GRAW 3 ASAP?

It appears as though we may soon have another GRAW game to play, or at the very least, dream about: Today, the End War, Splinter Cell and Rainbow Six sites have received similar flash-based marketing treatments. Each site includes an … Continue reading

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The Sporto Reporto: Spring Training

Once again spring has sprung and even for casual observer like myself, I can’t help but notice that it is time to play ball!  Probably the biggest hang up I have had in video games this decade has been how … Continue reading

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Forza 2: World Series Racer

Last night I had the opportunity to gather up several friends together for some online racing in Forza 2.  Having a good group together I finally had the opportunity to try racing in a Series.  So what I did is … Continue reading

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SG’s Clancy-verse: MMO’s, Vegas, GRAW DLC, and End War

Sum of All Clancy Games I have been a big fan of the games that have carried the Tom Clancy brand since they first appeared on the Xbox over 5 years ago.  Just yesterday we have discovered Ubisoft’s master plan … Continue reading

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Side Quests: Mission Accomplished

Vegas 1 Down, Vegas 2 To Go   Last night we finally got through our co-op run through of Rainbow Six: Vegas in anticipation of this week’s release of its sequel, Vegas 2.  I am really excited about V2, since … Continue reading

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Gears of War 2: Analyzing the Trailer

‘Roadie Run’ to Gears 2 Followers of this blog (all three of you) over the years will know that I have had a close eye on the development of the first Gears of War.  From its announcement at E3 2005, … Continue reading

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360 X-Press: The Easter Egg Edition

Egg SeekerFind any hidden easter egg. Gamerscore = 5    Acquired 29/1/2006 Well, this title is decieving.  I am not revealing any gaming easter eggs (you know, this hidden nuggets progamers hide within the program that adds there little personal … Continue reading

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Unusual Purchase…

I was at the local bookstore today and saw this staring at me on the shelf.  As I was flipping through it I noticed all the the cool and different articles on games, scores, and fun facts that were in … Continue reading

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Condemned 2: Bloodshot

I picked up Condemned 2: Bloodshot this Wednesday.  I would have say that C2B was probably my most anticipated sequel on the 360.  Unfortunately, I have not even had the chance to take it out of the plastic yet. This … Continue reading

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Rediscovering Forza

I posted recently in my Sporto Reporto section that I am back into Forza Motorsport 2.  As this is an older game in my collection I could have posted in under my Side Quests too, but the more I have … Continue reading

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