Rediscovering Forza

I posted recently in my Sporto Reporto section that I am back into Forza Motorsport 2.  As this is an older game in my collection I could have posted in under my Side Quests too, but the more I have been playing and poking around in the game, I think this game is good for regular play and posts!


First off, I have finally had some successful purchases in the Auction House.  This was an aspect of the game that  I didn’t even touch the first time around.  Check out the sweet epics of my new ride.  I didn’t realize how many awesome paint jobs were to be had in the auction house. My friend TormentX and I spent a good while just running through and admiring the works of art available there!  A warning though, the art can get a little blue, so leave the kids in the other room 😉

More Forza Hotness

Another little used feature for me was taking photographs.  You can recover them from and post them on your blog, as a screen saver or wherever.  Check back to my future Forza posts as I will try to put up more crazy artwork and race scenes from the game.

Level 30: Reach Level 30 in Career mode – Gamerscore = 30FM2lvl30

I finally got another achievement in this game.  I have been working hard as of late to pull off another accomplishment and it happened for me yesterday.  Once you reach level thirty you can access more events, so I certainly have my work cut out for me.  I hope to bring you more on my Forza adventures.  Check back here to the Haunted House often for updates.  All stay tuned to Torment’s blog as he continues his quest to become the Larry Flint of Forza!




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3 Responses to Rediscovering Forza

  1. Jon says:

    Nice car man :) , it’s been a long time since i played this bad boy. I have a lot of cars in this game but my favorite one  is the 04 STI, not only because i have a real one but because the one i have in the game is super fast.

  2. Adam W says:

    condemed 2 is gonna be great go get it today and shit in your pants tonight.

  3. Aaron says:


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