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Impressions: F.E.A.R. 3

Gameplay shines while the story has an identity crisis… Almost Halfway – Attain Rank 10                                                                         Gamerscore = 10   Unlocked on 28/06/2011 It seemed only fitting that I would offer my impressions halfway through the campaign of FEAR 3 while featuring … Continue reading

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Halo Highlight Reel: Past, Present, and Future

Bungie is about to pass the flaming helmet to 343 Industries… Long Rocket… Poppin’ & Lockin’ – Noble 1: Destroyed a vehicle using Armor Lock in a matchmade game      Gamerscore = 25   unlocked on 16/12/2010 While my Halo Reach play … Continue reading

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Back to the Grind: Modern Warfare 2

Run, and gun, and Knife! Akimbo slice! Hotel Bravo – Earn 4 stars in Special Ops                                                        Gamerscore = 20   Unlocked on 21/11/2009 Yesterday I made my dramatic return to Call of Duty multiplayer gameplay with a decent session of Pro … Continue reading

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Bejeweled Blitz LIVE

A minute to win it! Master Matcher – This achievement is for people awesome enough to score 100,000 points in a game. (Classic/Twist)   –   Gamerscore = 5    Unlocked on 26/06/2011 Pop Cap games were the special on Xbox LIVE’s ‘Deal … Continue reading

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Tom Clancy’s…Back with a Vengeance?

Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six back on the table… Back in January I did a blog post that was essentially my Tom Clancy’s ‘State of the Union’ where I discussed my lament for the absence of two of Ubisoft’s cornerstone … Continue reading

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Mission Accomplished: F.E.A.R. 2 – Reborn

Great warm-up for FEAR 3! Find Paxton Fettel – Complete the ‘Reborn’ campaign                                  Gamerscore = 35   Acquired on 20/06/2011 With FEAR 3 hitting store shelves today I thought that this past weekend would be a good time to finally hit … Continue reading

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Mission Accomplished: Fallout New Vegas – Dead Money

The treasures of the Sierra Madre… Safety Deposit Box – Trapped Father Elijah in the Sierra Madre’s Vault        Gamerscore = 40   Acquired on 19/06/2011 A half a year later and I finally got to, and completed the Fallout New Vegas … Continue reading

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Oblivion 5th Anniversary Edition

On the way to Skyrim… Champion of Cyrodiil – Completed the Main Questline                                    Gamerscore = 110   Acquired on 19/01/2008 While looking at this Oblivion 5th Anniversary edition, for me it is hard to believe it has been over three years … Continue reading

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Up Next: F.E.A.R. 3

Brothers in arms… Next week F.E.A.R. 3 (aka F.3.A.R.) hits the stores an continuing, and perhaps completing, the Point Man/Paxton Fettel/Alma story arc.  I have always been a fan of paranormal in my video games and survival-horror titles, so when … Continue reading

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Achievement Spotlight: Left 4 Dead Triple-Header

Cleaning house in Crash Course. Jump Shot – Headshot a Hunter while he’s leaping                                     Gamerscore = 20   Acquired on 13/06/2011 Last evening I made it my mission to finalize a personal achievement quest in Left 4 Dead.  By the time … Continue reading

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