Bejeweled Blitz LIVE

A minute to win it!


Master MatcherMaster Matcher – This achievement is for people awesome enough to score 100,000 points in a game. (Classic/Twist)   –   Gamerscore = 5    Unlocked on 26/06/2011

Pop Cap games were the special on Xbox LIVE’s ‘Deal of the Week’ this week.  I had purchased almost all the other games already, but I had not purchased Bejeweled Blitz LIVE yet.  When it first was released it was 800 Microsoft points, and when I downloaded the demo I found that I did not care for it so much so I decided not to go any further at that time.

With the sale this week offering 75% off I thought I couldn’t go wrong, so I spent the 200 points, and after a couple of solid play sessions, I am glad that I did!


I started playing this game, and as the games are only one minute long, you can easily rattle through dozens of games on a game session.  Last night my brother and I played the Party Mode and that was a lot of fun, kind of like an endless race to the top.  Playing this game reminds me of Geometry Wars 2 or Pac-Man DX in the sense that you have these short, timed play sessions in which you are always trying to better your score.  Lumping Blitz in with those games is high praise indeed.

BBL also has the ‘Twist’ variation which is not unlike Hexic.  The game also has multiplayer and the aforementioned party mode to keep things fresh.  Leaderboards of your friends are also featured prominently so you can see hoe you are stacking up amongst your friends.

Bejewled Blitz LIVE is a nice little diversion amongst a forest of intense and massive games.  It is also a warm up for the upcoming Bejewled 3.  I am interested in some more intense match-3 action from the masters at Pop Cap!

Bejeweled Blitz Live



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