Back to the Grind: Modern Warfare 2

Run, and gun, and Knife! Akimbo slice!


Hotel BravoHotel Bravo – Earn 4 stars in Special Ops                                                        Gamerscore = 20   Unlocked on 21/11/2009

Yesterday I made my dramatic return to Call of Duty multiplayer gameplay with a decent session of Pro Headquarters in Modern Warfare 2.  After over 18 months off from the series (other than just recently picking up the Call of Duty 4 campaign) there was some considerable rust as well as forgetting my load outs, perks, weapons, or whatever knowledge I had when I previously played the game.  Fortunately I saddled in with a good team (thanks to my buddy Loki 343) and was able to hold my own for the most part.


I was kind of surprised that Modern Warfare 2 still holds down the number 2 spot for weekly activity over Xbox LIVE (unique users), only surpassed my Black Ops.  So even though MW2 is the older version, it still has a vibrant community and games can be entered with ease.

I may have my share of homework to do though, as I mentioned earlier, I am out of touch with the games finer points.  But if I stick to my load outs as they are, I can still contribute to my teams success.  The big question is as I approach level 70, should I Prestige?  It may be a good way to get reacquainted with the perks, weapons, etc. as I would be forced to do it from the start.  I guess we will se what happens.  

Infinity Ward | Modern Warfare 2



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