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A Whole New World

    Hello.  This entry is strictly for patting myself on the back.  I finally figured out how to post up larger pics on my blog entries.  I think this will really improve the over presentation on the blog.  How … Continue reading

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XBOX 360: Screnshot Update

Just a quick update about the state of screenshots here in the Haunted House:   TeamXBOX has posted some high-resolution Resident Evil 5 screnshots on their site.  I have grabbed them and they currently reside in my XBOX 360 album … Continue reading

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Purely Pwned

On one of my frequented websites, (Edit: Noe – PB 9-4-11), I came accross this video of FPS Doug, one of the characters on a web video serial from Pure Pwnage.  Now I could give one of my … Continue reading

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X-Press #7: The Hot Coffee Edition (AO)

Well it is time once again to visit this week in Xbox-ville.  I will be your host for the next couple of minutes, so sit back, relax, grab a hot cup of coffee and enjoy the sights and sound of … Continue reading

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Gears of War: Know Your Enemy – Preview I

LOCUST We dont know what they are… Most scientists believe they’re a mutated version of Sera’s native life forms.  A minority claim they are aliens.  Ask any Gear and they’ll tell you the Locust come straight from hell. We know … Continue reading

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I have posted a new photo album of Neversoft‘s new action-western GUN.  It’s a real looker, and those disapointed with previous XBOX games form the Western genre can chin-up a little, and get ready to pull out there GUN. -SG

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Xbox 360: The Preorder

Well I finally bit the bullet today a plunked $50 down on my Xbox 360.  Now that may not be really big news to anyone who knows me or reads my blog, bu the reason why a chose to now … Continue reading

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Fable: The Lost Chapters

Back in the early days of Fable’s Xbox release, I had herd rumblings of a patch or download that would expand the current adventure.  Obviously in never appeared, but as it turns out that is not hte end of the … Continue reading

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Gears of War: Know Your Enemy – Preview II

Gears of War for the  is due some time next year (Q1 or Q2 I hope!) and is fast becoming the most talked about title this side of Halo 3.  Though it is still some time off it is still … Continue reading

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X-Press #6: The Blogtacular Down-Lo

Well here we go again! It is time to break down what’s been going down on my side of Xbox–dom with my regualar X-Pressions on life, liberty, and the pursuit of Xbox gameage.  So without anymore (undue) fanfare, let us see what has caught my … Continue reading

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