XBOX 360: Screnshot Update

Just a quick update about the state of screenshots here in the Haunted House:
  • TeamXBOX has posted some high-resolution Resident Evil 5 screnshots on their site.  I have grabbed them and they currently reside in my XBOX 360 album and below.  Thank you TeamXBOX!
  • The Magic Box has also posted some new screen captures of Dead or Alive 4.  I have provided a link here, but do to the quality I will not post them here in my blog.
  • Due to the sheer amount of screenshots I currenty have and that are coming for the 360, I am going to split the screenshots into 2 catagories.  The most current or favorite scrrenshots will remain in the XBOX 360 album, the rest I will put in an archive album which I will call XBOX 360 24 7.  Whew! (Edit: Album no longer exists -PB 12/2/11)

That is it for now.  And if you are wondering, that is Papa Shango in my profile from the WWE (formerly the WWF), I thought he was cool-looking back in the day.  Haveing a little fun!




I like CFL Football, Video Games, and Social here I am!
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5 Responses to XBOX 360: Screnshot Update

  1. Aaron says:

    its the whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooeeeee traaaaaaaaain , oh wait thats papa shango lovin that pic SG

  2. Princess says:

    like your space..fellow xboxer…..see ya live…Boobie

  3. Princess says:

    so i take superghost is your gamertag name? Mine is ………Princess boobie…and im on gamertagpics, quite a bit older than most the girly gamers, but iI can hold my own!! I dont play as many games as you do….i have eased on my xbox addiction some this summer….my kids were wondering where ive been since we got the xboxes. I love rainbow63. I started out on links 2004…have played pgr2, cat and mouse is my fav. on that game, have burnout3, outlaw golf2, 1st rainbow, wont sell…its a classic, have rainbow63 BA, lockdown has been paid for for like a year i think…(LOL) Pretty sure i sold my soul to get that game. I have Ghost recon 2, which i dont play much anymore…i hate spawn camping bullshit. So looks like youll have to come play me sometime…links 2004, or rainbow…..Id love the competition. Have a geat day and ill add superghost…see what happens…Boobie

  4. Aaron says:

    Hey B

  5. Aaron says:

    hey boobie goooooooooooo STEELERS

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