X-Press #7: The Hot Coffee Edition (AO)

Well it is time once again to visit this week in Xbox-ville.  I will be your host for the next couple of minutes, so sit back, relax, grab a hot cup of coffee and enjoy the sights and sound of your X-Press:
  • With the news arriving today that Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas will be awarded the rare and covited AO (Adults Only) rating from the ERSB, which in my term means that the game includes a ‘xes’ act.  This, believe it or not, is a land mark day in console-gaming land.  Why is it AO you ask?  It is because of a hidden mini game where GTA:SA main character CJ (who is fully clothed) has xes with a fully dekan women in several positions.  Law makers in the good ol’ USA were appauled my these lurid acts, ERSB had no choice but to slap GTA with the good ol’ kiss-of-death AO rating.  Now imagine how hard it will be now for 10 year old Junior to convince his parents to purchase said game (still not very hard me thinks).  E B Games will now only be able to sell GTA:SA from a darkened room in the back of the store with a pull curtain seperating it from the rest of the product! (…actually I just made that up).  Well, we can now rest easy knowing our children will be completely safe from seeing any simulated xes act before there 18th birthday.  Feel free to enjoy enjoy all the cruel and gratutious violence you want though, but be warned… you may someday see a tit!
  • Resident Evil 5!  Xbox 360!  Survival-Horror fans rejoice as this match made in heaven sends you into the bowels of hell!  Capcom shows the XBOX 360 some luvin’.  Watch the anticipation build for this title as the long months till its release go by!
  • FarCry: Instincts multi-player is looking completely bad-ass.  Ubi-Soft scores again!
  • How many more sleeps until Xbox 360?
  • I am begining to be excited about Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland. I was hardcore into the Tony Hawk games a few years back, this may be the title that brings me back!
  • Microsoft is developing a Shadowrun title for the 360.  Anyone familiar with the franchise will consider this very exciting news.

Well that’s all folks!  Check back often as you may never know what will be lurking around my Haunted House!




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3 Responses to X-Press #7: The Hot Coffee Edition (AO)

  1. Aaron says:

    great now instead of being 17 to buy GTA have to be 18 that should solve the problem. GTA should have been AO in the 1st place. All the talk about fining retailers that sell to under age consumers is kind of silly . I dont know about were u live but if u sell beer to a minor in NY , you urself get fined not the store u work for , now that would tuffin up the sales to minors if EB games emnployees were fined not the retailer its self. Hey but good news about GTA Rocksatr is no longer signing deals with anyone on exlusiveness for the GTA series (lol at sony). RE 5 WILL RULE ,plus Far Cry yes the Godfather and etc….will suck, here are the scores now for all those games 5.0, 6.5 ,6.0 Tony Hawk is cool but we will see what it brings to the table (i need cheats to play that game…lol) Shadowrun ….dont know enough to comment.HEY GHOST UR ON VACTION .YEAH BABY..PSO TIME

  2. Adam W says:

    great, now every second of my free time i will be looking for info on RE5

  3. Brian says:

    looks like the first xbox but shinier… im not immpressed

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